God Pt. 3

Creator, Preserver, and Governor There are many aspects to the nature and character of God, by far too many to name here. There are, however, a few characteristics that God does not share with His creations, characteristics that are distinctly His. Some of these are Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Immutability, Eternality, Self-Existence, Sovereignty, and Creator. God … More God Pt. 3

God Pt. 2

This part of “Doctrine” took a little longer to write for a few reasons. First I was in California for two weeks, with very little free time (and not great internet access), and also a few personal health issues. Second, the type of information in this particular post can be a sensitive subject to most people, … More God Pt. 2

So, what’s up?

This week the weather in Bellingham has been crazy. On Sunday, only 6 adults were at church, so rather than preach a full sermon, we did more of an informal question and answer. While it was great, it means that I won’t have Doctrine content until next week. I will be uploading some graphics that … More So, what’s up?

God Pt.1

I firmly believe that there is one question in life that is more important that any other: “Who is God?” The answer to this question affects the entire course of your life. It affects how you live, affects your relationships, your marriage, your family, your finances, literally everything you do. If you don’t believe in … More God Pt.1

Scripture Pt.4

Today we will be looking at the phrase “divine rule”. It seems a little old-fashioned, maybe even a little intimidating, so let’s break it down! Firstly, the word divine here is pretty simple: it means God. God is the one that gave us scripture, so it is by His word that we are to measure … More Scripture Pt.4